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“I Grew up in” – a statement that marks the beginning of countless heartfelt life stories and a great opportunity for celebrating America’s 250th Anniversary. We hail from different corners of this vast nation, each with its own unique narratives that have shaped where we are today. Using geolocation, we can journey through time, exploring stories from various regions of the country reflecting on our rich history. It’s an incredible way to immerse ourselves in the stories and history of our current location or to transport ourselves to places we’ve never been, igniting a sense of adventure and discovery.

I Grew up in ______?

You fill in the blank with your stories, memories, dreams, and aspirations. 

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Miramar was my childhood playground, where flip-flops were the official footwear, and the sun never took a day off. Biking, BBQs, and chasing the ice cream truck summed up the daily agenda. School nights were for homework, but Fridays were all about cheering for Optimus at the local cheerleading squad under those Florida stars. Growing up here was like a forever summer vacation.

— Robin Bunch, Denver Colorado


In ’90s Atlanta, the Underground was our secret spot. Hidden below the city, it buzzed with energy, a mix of jazz and neon vibes. It was where rebels and free spirits gathered, turning forgotten storefronts into a cool community hangout. The Underground wasn’t just a place; it was a vibe, a slice of Atlanta’s soul that defined the laid-back, creative spirit of the era.

— James Arthur, Las Vegas Nevada


Tossed my dreams in a bag, hopped a flight from Sydney to the States. Arrived in America, all skyscrapers and funky accents. Swapped Aussie beaches for city chaos. Figured out new cultures, tried weird grub, and had to tweak my “G’day” game. It wasn’t just moving; it was diving headfirst into a wild, unknown adventure.

— Kelly Williams, New York City

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